Wednesday, September 16

15:00-16:00 MPC, ORAM I & Symmetric Crypto.
Chair: Svetla Nikova

Gradual GRAM and Secure Computation for RAM Programs
Carmit Hazay and Mor Lilintal
[Paper] [Slides] [Video]

Efficient Protocols for Oblivious Linear Function Evaluation from Ring-LWE
Carsten Baum, Daniel Escudero, Alberto Pedrouzo-Ulloa, Peter Scholl,
and Juan Ramón Troncoso-Pastoriza
[Paper] [Video]

Multi-Clients Verifiable Computation via Conditional Disclosure of Secrets
Rishabh Bhadauria and Carmit Hazay
[Paper] [Slides] [Video]

Fully Collision-Resistant Chameleon-Hashes from Simpler and Post-Quantum Assumptions
David Derler, Stephan Krenn, Kai Samelin and Daniel Slamanig
[Paper] [Video]

Generalized Matsui Algorithm 1 with application for the full DES
Tomer Ashur, Raluca Posteuca, Danilo Šijačić, and Stef D’haeseleer
[Paper] [Slides] [Video]

16:00-16:15 Break

16:15-17:30 MPC, ORAM II
Chair: Avishay Yanai

Black-Box Constructions of Bounded-Concurrent Secure Computation
Sanjam Garg, Xiao Liang, Omkant Pandey and Ivan Visconti
[Paper] [Slides] [Video]

Communication-Efficient (Proactive) Secure Computation for Dynamic General Adversary Structures and Dynamic Groups
Karim Eldefrawy, Seoyeon Hwang, Rafail Ostrovsky and Moti Yung
[Paper] [Slides] [Video]

Private Identity Agreement for Private Set Functionalities
Ben Kreuter, Sarvar Patel and Ben Terner
[Paper] [Slides] [Video]

UC-Secure OT from LWE, Revisited
Willy Quach
[Paper] [Slides] [Video]

Oblivious tight compaction in O(n) time with smaller constant
Samuel Dittmer and Rafail Ostrovsky
[Paper] [Slides] [Video]

Efficient 3-Party Distributed ORAM
Paul Bunn, Jonathan Katz, Eyal Kushilevitz and Rafail Ostrovsky
[Paper] [Slides] [Video]

17:30-18:00 Closing Remarks and Open Discussion

Clemente Galdi and Vladimir Kolesnikov